Here are a few entries from our guestbook, from 2018–2021. Thank you everyone for leaving your comments, we are so glad you had a nice time!

December 2018Had a wonderful time as always – thanks so much from the Kolt Family Kolt family (Flin Flon)
January 2019Enjoyed our time at the Bunn House, thanks Bev & Fraser!Luc & Marie

Very enjoyable stay–so peaceful and cozy. Celebrated our son’s 19th birthday in heritage style. Loved the cinnamon buns also Babette (Alpaca) was adorable.

February 2019–Trent, Dar, Taegan, Chayse, Naddie & Zoe

Thank you so much for letting us experience this beautiful house. We have made so many memories in such a short time. We will absolutely see you again in the future!

March 2019–Dannelle (California), Melissa (Dominican Republic) and Jimmy (Minnesota)
May 2019Bev and Fraser, we always love coming to the Bunn house. So quiet and peaceful and we love using the porch fireplace. Now we can continue to come with our sweet son ‘August’. Thanks for the new teething toy (very thoughtful) and all the wonderful hospitality. Ciao until next time!Marvyl, Shane and August Ginter (Winnipeg, MB)
May 2019We are from Sao Paulo Brazil currently living in Osborne Village since Sept. 2018. We were invited to come here by Janine LeGal and we just loved it. Such a lovely place full of history. We definitely want to come back some day. The hosts were kind, I hope you can talk more next time. Please keep up the good work you are doing here. Congratulations and thank you so much.Erci and Tynae (Brazil)
May 2019We are now living in Winnipeg but originally from Brazil I was born and raised in Rio de Janerio and my wife Carol is from Luis de Forsa. We had a very special time here. We hope we can come back sometime soon. Thanks a lot.Carlos & Carol (Brazil)

We enjoyed every minute of our time here. The house and everything in it was wonderful and educational.

May 2019–Keith and Joan Boulton (Pearson, MB)

Most museums say ‘look but don’t touch’. The Bunn House says ‘come and explore; experience history!’ We loved it all. Thanks so much.

May 2019–Sylvia and Garry Jones (N. Saanich, BC)
June 2019This is such an amazing place. I love it here. Had so much fun with my family hope to come back.Madison
June 2019We loved it here and plan to come back. What a special place–so peaceful, beautiful, full of history and charm. Thank you so very much.Eric & Daphne Flett
June 2019Great house, great people and great fishing. Had fun playing pool until 1a.m. See you next year–Chika-Chika-Yeah!Barry & Tamara Mund
June 2019Celebrating Fathers day (without the kids) had a magical time sitting on the veranda, playing crib and wathcing the fireflies dance – with the fire blazing, in the background, we slept amazing. Can’t wait to come back for the relaxation, hospitality and yummy homemade cinnamon bread – this is a very special place!Megan Deaust & Trevor Martens
July 2019Again we greatly enjoyed our time here. We learned more of the history especially at the Marine Museum. Caught up on the news of each others families. Corwin & I did very much enjoy our visit last evening. Keeping in mind you and your loved ones are in our prayers. Thanks to you all – you do keep your place looking so beautiful – loved our stay!Corwin & Donna Harthoorn (Iowa)
July 2019The favourite period in English litereature for me has always been the 19th Century, so you can’t imagine how happy you have made me by giving me a chance to expreience a real home for that period. (felt like Anne of the Green Gables!) It all exceeded our expectations, the nature around the house, the quiet and peace – and above all we really appreciate your warm welcome including the great tour. We learnt so much and the affectionate way you received us. Thanks a million for offering your home and your kindnessLole and Jose (Spain)
July 2019Brought the family to fish and discovered the secrets of the Bunn House. Thank for the memories.Cal & Shirley Shaw (White City, SK)

An amazing stay in a great place. Love all the history and the cat fishing was great as well.

July 2019–Kara & Jason Taylor (Deer Valley, SK)

This has been a cozy place to spend a couple of peaceful days. It’s part cottage (restful) and part museum (interesting and stimulating). Thank you for lovingly preserving such an important part of Manitoba history!

August 2019–Lori Shepard
August 2019Thank you for a wonderful gift of the Bunn House. History at every turn… Every time I turn around there is something new to see. This is a great gift of love, so thank you. This has been a place of solace and contentment for me every time I am here. Bless you and thank you so much for sharing it. Anniko
October 2019Our first visit here, had a beautiful Thanksgiving, with family and loved our time in your cozy place. Many thanks and blessings to you.Rob, Sandy and Skip
October 2019We had another wonderful visit. What a beautiful cozy place to spend Thanksgiving with family. Thank you for being so accommodating. We will be back soonAndrew & Jacqui (Winnipeg, MB)

What a magical and wonderful place this is! So full of history and books. We felt right at home, it was wonderful to walk around the property and explore the richness of the area. Thank for the amazing hospitality and making the Bunn House an experience for all.

November 2019–Janet and Jane (Winnipeg)

As always we had a lovely time here. The peace and quiet, the beauty of the area, the history, the stories. We look forward to returning.

November 2019–Jan & Derek (Winnipeg)
May 2020We had another wonderful visit. Whast a beautiful cozy place to spend thanksgiving with family. Thank you for being so accomodating. We will be back soon. This will most amazing experience I’ve ever had in Manitoba. The house looks like a Museum and its so clean! Everything is so modern (applicances). We’ll tell everyone to come and have that experience – Thank-youOlivia, Rematary, Olivia, Flavio and Luisa (Brazil)
May 2020Great place, awesome fishing!! Thanks for a great visitCarmelle, Arianne, Dwayne (Morden, MB)
July 2020Wonderful place, thanks–absolutely beautiful home, so much history and interesting artifacts. Thank you for the hospitality.Chris, Corinne, Bob and Pam (Calgary, AB)
July 2020Thank you for a most enjoyable stay. Great house, so much history. Congratulations and bravo for keeping it alive and sharing all the treasures here. Denis & Lisa (St. Pierre-Jolys, MB)
July 2020Always feels like coming home. You make us feel most welcome and we appreciate it. A special place for our family, thank you for your hospitalitySamantha, Paul, Justine

We booked the home as a quick getaway – a time to gather with two other couples. We spent our time hiking, visiting the Alpacas and just hanging out with friends playing cards, cooking together and relaxing. Our hosts were amazing! They made sure we had everything we needed and were available if we had any questions during our stay. They left a fridge stocked with eggs, bacon, fruit, yogurt etc – everything you could need to prepare your breakfasts. The house was spacious, with nooks & a variety of rooms if you wanted to take time to yourself away from others. The screened in porch was our favourite gathering place – it too was air conditioned (as was the main house). The 3 bedrooms upstairs were perfect. A lot of the decor reflected the history of the home, but yet modern comfortable furnishings were also throughout the home. My husband said within the first hour there he definitely wants to return.

July 2020–Terrie & Don Bell (Winnipeg)
August 2020Had a great time–lots of fishingRod, Barclay, Jana, Bailey, Kerrie
August 2020Thank you for a truly beautiful time–love it hereAlfredo & Jacqueline
August 2020Always a treat–thank you for everythingLarry & Deb
August 2020Daughter and grandkids came to visit us. It was a great stay, wonderful sun porch for doing puzzles. So nice to visit with youAva, Greyson, Robyn, Sheila and Judy
September 2020Spent half day with ‘Cat Daddy’ fishing, caught 50 fish–wow! Two 36″ at 23lbs – got sore arms pulling them back in.Andrew & Karalyn
September 2020Amazing place–will be backDav & Magalie
September 2020Brought our baby Ember, sister Haily and nephew Kayden for a “COVID vacation” it was like sleeping in another world. Thank you for the chance to slip past the glass at the museum. I hope you continue to preserve this moment in history for generations to enjoy. I know I sure did! Our stay was so mesmerizing we never wanted to go out. Take in some fishing, we caught our biggest catfish here!Brandon, Trish

What a fantastic place to come for R&R. Probably fantastic for lots of activities but the peace and tranquility was perfect. Darlene’s cats had a marvellous safe space to be in after a long trip. Wish we had more time to take it all in. Cheers!

September 2020–Carla & Darlene

Thanks to Bev & Fraser for your generous hospitality and a memorable Get-Away. And if the thought of a pasture trail doesn’t entice you do it anyway. It feels like being in a Robert Frost poem – Lovely!

October 2020–Francis & Robert (Winnipeg)

To say we merely “enjoyed” our stay would not suffice, we found the Bunn house very very Very nice.

From the Armodillo basket, Leopard skin, and foot warming device. There were so many antiques with mystic to entice!

If we could describe our time here…and be precise… we’d have to say ” Its been a slice!” Thanks for the hospitality

October 2020–Angela, Jen, Lorraine (Morden, MB)
October 2020Family weekend from McBride BC to visit Dad and other family members. It’s a beautiful placeWes, Dawn, Ralph, Roger (McBride, BC)
October 2020Thank you for this lovely place. So good for the soul!Al & Ashley (Winnipeg, MB)
October 2020Thank you for this beautiful place. We had a great time and so much to look at and enjoyAlysia, Kris, Dar, Kay, Rebecca & Hannah (Grunthal, MB)
November 2020Thank you Bev & Fraser for being so accommodating. You have a truly special place here.Ryan (Severn, ON)
November 2020We enjoyed very much this wonderful haven!Jane & David (Winnipeg, MB)

We had an absolutely wonderful time during our stay. Thank you for the lovely space for our “Getaway” from the city. The Thomas Bunn House exceeded our best expectations to say the least. We definitely will be coming back this summer.

January 2021–Breanna & Justin (Winnipeg, MB)