Here are a few entries from our guestbook, from 2022-2023. Thank you everyone for leaving your comments, we are so glad you had a nice time!

March 5th 2023

Thank you for providing such an amazing historical B&B for us and so many other guests. It has been a very relaxing, fun filled and educational weekend. Our two-year old grandson was thrilled to examine all the “old stuff “in the house and play with many of the games. He particularly loved the Domino’s and found many ways of playing. The breakfast food was great and the well- equipped kitchen a joy to cook in. Very interesting to find out that we have a Scottish-Irish connection with Fraser and have both been in Cushendall in Northern Ireland .

Will look forward to coming again Carol Ann and Robert Coish

February 23rd

When I’m here the peace and beauty of the place enters my whole being and everything changes. I breathe, I sleep, I feel young again thank you

Laurel A

This was such a beautiful soul filling stay! Thank you for the opportunity to take care of Arthur (the Cat) and versus know what it feels like to live among the trees , snow , saw many “the critters” Also the opportunity to be away from the noise and leave the chaos of city life behind.

Thankyou for your generosity and love of history. You created a loving, warm and inspiring place to escape.

Love Aaron & Mike

PS we love Arthur(the cat)

January 8th

What a wonderful “getaway” for my son and I. We had a lovely time in this fascinating home!!

We spent a long time exploring and my son especially enjoyed the “giant Bathtub”. What a treat to stay in such as well preserved and cozy historical home.

I hope we can return as soon as possible. It really was warm upstairs in spite of the frigid weather outside. Thank you for the memorable experience.

Adrienne & Victor

January 1st 2023

Thank you for opening this lovely home to us. We enjoyed our stay & looking at the historical items. It’s rare that you get to really examine and touch these wonderful artifacts. The breakfast was great with lots of choices. The only change I can suggest is an unscented sheets and towels. Wishing you both a wonderful year for 2023

John and Bernice

December 24th -26th

Most unique Christmas ever, for our family! We enjoyed taking this time to do something different for our children as we all experienced Christmas traditions  in an historical setting . We all love the “living museum” feel of the Bunn house and how wonderfully it has been preserved and cared for. We dined with fine China and read up on the Bunn family and Metis history all the while sipping on hot cider around the cozy parlour fire listening to beautiful tunes at times gone by on the Edison Victrola. We will “definitely recommend” this place of exploration and historical relevance to friend and family.

Great memories were made here , our thanks to Bev & Fraser for opening their home to us this Christmas !!

Blessings – the Andrews family from Kleefeld. Ash, Kim Rori, Jordan, Ephraim & Lian

December 16th to 18th

This is the perfect season to come back to the Bunn house. We feel loved and rejuvenated by our time in this historical Oasis. We can’t wait to come back again. The take -way for this trip was having a fire in the wood stove on the porch in the snow storm with snacks and a recitation of the cremation of Sam McGee.  A perfect Christmas memory

Laurel, Mike and Aaron.

December 2nd  to 4th

This place is amazing. Its our second visit and we love you love it here. The welcoming atmosphere, the warmth of the hosts, the history is in every corner and the quietness!

Thank you Agata, Simi, Suzanne, and Monique

November 29th

We had such a lovely time at the Thomas bun house. Fraser & Bev were so welcoming and kind. What a cozy atmosphere to stay in. We will be back Matt and Clarissa

November 25th -27th

The Thomas Bunn house has become one of our favorite places to visit . Thank you Bev in Fraser for sharing this place and for being incredible hosts. Can’t wait to come back again

Mira and Adam

November 10th to 13th

Your heritage house was the perfect setting for our wedding. We greatly appreciate the extra treats for our guests. Our plan is to come for another visit so we can read some heritage books, enjoy the trails and sit on the porch in warmer weather.

Thank you for sharing all this history with us

Dawn & Larry

Nov 22nd

We had a wonderful relaxing weekend. The history in his house is amazing We shall return

Sharon and Darren


This place has dearly become a sacred second home to us and fully inspiring us to leave Winnipeg life behind. Thank you for your generosity and love of history. You have created a living warm and inspiring place for us to escape to.

Nov 10-13

Your heritage house was the perfect setting for our wedding. We greatly appreciated the extra treats for guests. Our plan is to come for another visit so we can read some books more books, enjoy the trails and sit on the porch is and warmer weather. Thank you for sharing all this history with us.

Dawn and Larry

Oct 30th

Had a great time and love the history in the house – I will be back


Oct 13th

Bev and Fraser were loly hosts. The house itself was brimming with culture and history.  It was like staying in an authentic home with tons of incredible artifacts. It may even be the quintessential Manitoba historic accommodation experience as I can’t imagine anything else coming close. The house was bigger than we were expecting and had more amenities than I would have imagined. Very generous and thoughtful hosts. And we explored the sprawling extensive ground. So much to see. What more could you really ask for.



I came frazzled and frustrated and a little scared about my future. Spending time here calmed me and allowed love me to focus and restore my energy and commitment . The trails hold stunning oaks which prove your love and stewardship of not only the home in history but for great vision for future generations. Thank you -Light Love and Laughter



Thank you again for the lovely stay. My daughter and I enjoyed ourselves very much hope i

Heather  & Hope Innis.


Thank you, Bev Ann Fraser.

A piece of heaven. As always, we had a wonderful stay! Love the changes! The fireplaces were great, and we love the change to the master bedroom. The history is always enjoyed. Our family had a fabulous day and enjoyed our Thanksgiving together at the barn house

Bourdeau family


Having spent years working to preserve some of Manitoba’s historic buildings, I’m amazed at what we saw and experienced here at the Thomas Bunn House  B&B.

Wishing you both the very best

David and Nader – Winnipeg


Thank you Bev and Fraser  – a piece of heaven.

As always we had a wonderful stay ! l

Love the changes!! The fireplaces were great and love the change to the master bedroom.

The history is always enjoyed, our family had a fabulous stay and enjoyed our Thanksgiving together at the Thomas Bunn house.

The Bourdeau family

October 7th

Thank you so much for the hospitality. We felt just like home. Thank you for the magical experience. We’d enjoyed to be part of this house’s history

Inna & Arkad – Israel

Sept 23-27

Thank you so much for the hospitality we felt just like home . Thank you for the magical experience and  we enjoyed to be part of this house’s history.

Inna & Arkad (Israel)

September 24th

Thank you so much Bev and Fraser.

Such a treat and delight – staying at your place gave us a chance to relax and unwind. We both feel like our backs are no longer tense.

Thank you so much for giving above and beyond tour to create this magical experience. Can’t wait to come back.

Sincerely Madison & Adam

September 20-23 (VRBO)

Cool historic property, with modern conveniences. So many interesting historic artifacts to discover throughout the house very interesting.

Jean Anne

September 20th

Thankyou Bev and Fraser from Jacquie and Gary – Brandon Manitoba.

Decades have passed since our shared involvement in the Selkirk dolphin swim club. Many of those memories still linger on today such as the commitment of parents like yourselves being the success of the club. Our stay in your amazing Bunn house has been reminiscent of our own historic farm in the RM of St Clements which has sadly been demolished by new owners. It is very relevant that you and the Historical Society have deemed it important to preserve your amazing property and its contents. The charm and character of this wonderful edifice only exceeded by our wonderful hosts!

Sept 20th

History Alive –Cool historic property, with modern conveniences! So many interesting historic artifacts to discover throughout the house. Very interesting.

Jean Ann

September 1st to 9th (VRBO)

Dear Bev and Fraser

Great ExperienceWonderful place to gather in a relaxing atmosphere. Bev and Fraser are gracious hosts, helpful and attentive. We enjoyed exploring the rural areas as well as easy drives into Winnipeg

What a wonderful week of gathering with long-time friends in this historic home! We enjoyed your walking trails, cute alpacas, time to relax and delicious meals around the table. Thank you for your very generous hospitality and helpful suggestions and stories to add to memory making.  Highly recommend a stay here.

Mary and Anne – Wisconsin – Alan, Sharon, Murray, an Ann – Calgary

Aug 29-31 (VRBO)

Splendid! We had a beautiful time at the Thomas house. So much to see and appreciate they provided us with plenty of food for delicious breakfast. We love visiting the alpacas now, walking on the trails, firepit, fishing, sunroom and looking at heritage books and stuff full of history. It is a very cozy and inviting place. The beds and pillows were very comfortable. Every little corner of the house inside and outside as something to enjoy and learn.


Aug 17th

We were thrilled to be surrounded by the heritage and nature beauty of the Thomas Bunn B&B we explored the area for three days and rested as well as at the home we applied your commitment to ensuring the legacy of Thomas bun

-Liz, Marilyn & Elaine

August 17th 20th

A magical place to reflect and recharge. Each newly discovered treasure filled us with appreciation for craftmanship. Many happy hours were spent in the screened porch- reading visiting and contemplating. Thanks so much

Diane and Dave

August 6-8 (VRBO)

An amazing historical home – 159 years old! All the old-world charm, with modern conveniences!

Fabulous host/hostess – provided a fabulous breakfast, fantastic surroundings. Everything you could want is there! Very well-equipped kitchen. The whole family enjoyed our stay and can’t wait to return


August 3rd to 7th

What an incredible way to spend our 10th anniversary, we absolutely love the history your family has preserved in this home. We will be back again and have shared your unique BNB with others who will be reserving with you.

Warm wishes Ren& Sheldon

July 30th to August 1st

What a peaceful wonderful getaway for our 37th wedding anniversary! Lots of reading an games in this beautiful, historic house, and some pleasant nature walks as weather allowed.

Din & Trudy

July 21st to July 24th

With heartfelt appreciation for your commitment to preserving and maintaining such a treasure! Our holiday will never be forgotten but remembered in vivid detail. We hope we can do it again

Gavin and Elaine Winnipeg

July 18 -21st  VRBO)

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the barn house. Wandering through the historical artifacts and books or was a pure delight! As well we’re lucky to watch the alpacas being shaped such a delightful mix of fun activities and interesting history. Had a wonderful time! Thank you so much. It was great to be back in Manitoba and enjoying the Thunderstorms and warm weather. We loved the Walking paths, and reading the very interesting books.

Thank you so much for a lovely trip! Hope to be back again soon

Mirabel, Elise, Ava, Jo Ann, Azinton – Calgary

July 11th 2:18

Thank you for such a lovely vacation home. We always enjoy staying here. It is such a highlight of our time in Manitoba. The kids especially love feeding the alpacas and fish with Fraser. We hope to be back again. Matt

Matt, Christine, Alexa, Niko(Iqaluit, Nunavut)

July 7th to 11th

Thank you Bev Ann Fraser, we have enjoyed this house more the second time, staying longer and really taking it all in and finding the family connection to the Thomas Bunn family (1765 to 1853) and his last wife Phoebe (Sinclair) father William Sinclair (1766 – 1818 )

Sherry and Wayne

July 19th

This place to me was like a time travel back. So many things in here that I had growing up. Thank you for letting us have the pleasure to enjoy the antiques and a comfy bed as well. Love it

Tracy and Brett

June 30 (VRB)

Would highly recommend this property. Our family thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it.

So much history and so many items to look at. The catfishing was also excellent. We would book here again!


June 30th to July 1st

We thoroughly enjoyed every minute an aspect of this property. This was a new experience for our boys staying in their first  B&B. The Bar has been set high for future BNB bookings. The guys loved all the weapons and thought the house would be a great setting for a scary movie. Highlights was sharing our extended Manitoba family the house and the youngest son and husband had a blast catching catfish in the Red River. The husband is a history buff, so he spent a lot of his free time reading. Thank you for sharing this property it was a greatly appreciated!

Ketner Family

June 19th

Thank you for letting us stay in this cute, historic house. It was lots of fun and love seeing the alpacas. Have a good summer!

June 17th (VRBO

A hidden gem! We loved our stay here and we would stay again. The grounds are beautiful, and Bev is very nice!!

June 10th

Fantastic stay, we celebrated 45 years of sobriety and 65th birthday. A major milestone for us. We were able to have friends and family visit –  it was so comfortable. We will come back again maybe in the winter.

Sandy, Kathy, and Jody

June 3rd to the 5th

Bev &Fraser

Thanks so much for sharing your lovely home to help celebrate my sister’s birthday /retirement. This girl’s weekend could not have been more perfect! We enjoyed learning about the history of Thomas Bunn house and of the surrounding area. The trails offered the perfect Prairie sanctuary, and we love taking in the grounds. Also, the river, the bonfire, the koi pond – everything! Spent lots of time in the front porch enjoying the birds and the house decor. The house decor is spectacular we thoroughly enjoyed our time here!

Michelle – LaSalle MB

June 3-4th

This day was totally amazing. It brought us back in time and made of appreciation made us appreciate what our ancestors had to bear their, their customs their daily hardships and all the love and respect to the family members. A wonderful host and Hostess thanks Bev and Fraser

Totally enjoyed this girl’s weekend. The house is just awesome, so much history. So nice to learn about places in Manitoba. It makes me so proud to be living here. Thank you for opening your place to share with people. It is truly a treasure. Had a great weekend. And thank you – Kim- Lorette MB

My girls could not have picked a more appropriate place to celebrate my retirement and birthday. We even stayed up till midnight on both nights!! I am a history buff and love antiques and unique things. I am also in my element in nature. Thank you for all you do to keep this alive and protected. I would certainly love to come again. Hopefully maybe even win the B&B contest. – Mimi Marion- St Pierre

May 15th-18th

Thank you! Love the experience! Felt like generations of history. – Rachel

What a lovely escape. This house is amazing so many treasures. – Maureen

 So happy it worked out for me to celebrate my 60th birthday here. So relaxing and charming and interesting. So lovely to share with those who celebrated with me – Kara

Our verse for you

“Trails, creek, Pelicans playing games on the rushing Red River all in a charming state.

Holding treasures, hearth warmed, doors opened, pathways to the heart. Though we leave, our backs you’ll see, shared memories ne’er depart.”

Bev & Fraser and family thank you for sharing your home, land, and generosity of spirit.

 Next time all the best, kindness of regards Darlene

May 19-23 (VRBO)

The house is amazing! Fantastic history too. Many things to look at during our visit. – incredible property


May 8-11

Thanks so much for the lovely stay the house. The house is amazing and full of treasures. I was amazed to get the gramophone (Victrola) playing! Hope to come back again someday – Tanya

Must be the largest local Manitoba heritage book collection in private hands. Wow! Lovely house and property, amazing artifacts.

Kind, interesting, and thoughtful hosts

Thank you – Phil

April 29th – May 1st

Thank you for this day we loved seeing the alpacas!

Hope & Heather

April 15th to April 18th (VRBO)

Weekend Getaway with Friends

We had such a lovely stay here! The house was amazing to explore with so many interesting antique items. We were always noticing different things over the weekend and absolutely loved visiting the alpacas. We tried out snowshoeing and the hosts came to check on us to make sure we had everything we needed! We mentioned we loved board games, and they made sure we knew where all the games in the house were. If we’re ever back in Winnipeg, we would love to visit again! It was a great weekend.

Weekend getaway with friends. We had such a lovely stay here!  Megan

March 10-12

What a beautiful sojourn this house has been. So many pieces are coming together for me due to your love of history, family, friends, and community. Thank you for this peaceful and energizing time.

It was such a magical experience to snowshoe in a snowstorm, came in to warm up with a glass of wine and listened to the Victrola while the snow fell, and the sun set – A true stepping back in time. We have never loved a place we have stayed in as much as this location!

Laurel & Erin

February 21st

Thank you for preserving this amazing home. We love our local history, what a thrill to be living in it for three nights.

We loved the house, the books, and the grounds. Despite the minus 30 and 2 – blizzards we were out snowshoeing every day

We will be back soon

Linda Phil Darrin, Marcia

February 18th

The history of this home is amazing, and we appreciated learning about the house, family, and area. We also appreciated your kind hospitality Fraser & Bev

All the best Grant and Eleanor

February 13

Thank you for this wonderful experience. Such a beautiful peaceful place full of history and presence. I could spend a week here exploring all at this place holds! Although it was bitter cold out, we kept warm felt at home. We even ventured out to feed the alpacas and go for a little snowshoe. This was Ricks first time, and we feel very blessed to have had this opportunity

Thanks again, hope to be back soon.

All the Best – Patty & Rick

February 11th

Thank you for a memorable escape back in time! We enjoyed soaking up the history of this place through browsing the wonderful heritage library, gazing at the ever-increasing variety of furnishings, artifacts and of course just being in the quiet presence of this venerable stone home.

This stay was further made enjoyable through the warm reception and presence of our hosts

Thank you, Bev, and Fraser, for your kind hospitality we would like to experience his base in the warmer season.

 Kelly and Sean

February 2-4

We appreciate the cozy, peaceful pause for these past few days. It wasn’t Mexico or Barbados but a restful repose. Best sleep we have had in ages! We’ve never slept in a museum before nor had one all to ourselves. So charming to step back in time!

Doug and Debbie

January 28th -30

Thank you for allowing us to create fond memories. We all had an amazing time and look forward to coming back.

With love Megan and Kendra

January 2-6 (VRBO)

If you want your expectations exceeded on every level, this is your spot. Bev and Fraser have generously offered their historical treasure to the public, complete with local history and hospitality. They care About this place, about you!

Thank you for your kind hospitality, I have enjoyed furthering my education about Manitoba through the artifacts and literature these walls contained thank you for the breakfast you generously provided.   I will continue to read Thomas King’s book “The inconvenient Indian at home “that I found in your heritage library. It is a remarkable read

My dinner at Papa Carlos was exceptional the handcrafted ravioli was divine.

All all the best to you both all sincerely Maxine

Have enclosed a reading from “Alexander Dixon”

“Home in heaven is not far separated as we sometimes sink, nay, they are not separated at all, for they are both in the same great building. Home is the lower story, and it is located down here on the ground floor; heaven is above stairs, in the second and third stories; and, as one after another the family is called to come up higher, that which seemed to be such strange place, begins to forget to wear a familiar aspect,  and , when at last not one is left below, the home is transferred to heaven ,and Heaven is Home.